Sunday, February 25, 2007

Washington Gold Dollar !

Well well well ...I finally got my hands on the new Washington Dollar Coins ! I went searching the local banks and was lucky to find that my Bank of America had them...and yes I got the last $150 dollars worth of coins. In the recent years my passion for coin collecting has peaked. I really got into it with the collection of the state quarters and now this .... the dollar collection. So I looked through my rolls hoping to find some special mint error that be worth an extra $$ buck of two... i searched and searched not really sure what i was looking for and I came upon this. A BENT DOLLAR COIN ???? Is it worth anything extra?? Is it something special ??? Like I said I only started seriously collecting a few years now so I am no expert. I will definitely do some research or perhaps someone can contact me with their expertise. Here are the pics for my treasure hunting !

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