Saturday, November 18, 2006

Beautiful Sunset

I took my camera out for a test run yesterday to catch some shots at the park around sunset. I was pretty impressed considering I fiddled with every function that the camera has ( hahah).... Here they are ENJOY


Monday, November 13, 2006

Another Adventure ....

So lets see ...i left off last time talking about my modeling experience ...well guess what I have something new that really peaked my interest . Photography!!! I cant get over the fun I had with all these pics I have been finding of me on various photography blogs. I always loveddddddddddddd taking pictures , you can ask any of my family members. They always saw me with my SONY DSC v1 camera at every family function. I took pictures of everything from the food, to the family. I come from an italian family and food is important! (haha ) ...well a few months back I had purchased the SONY DSC v3 thinking it was an upgrade but i was dissappointed. My v1 is MUCH BETTER!!! I have amazing , I mean fantastic pics with the old cam! COLORS are sooo bright , sharp ! I guess that Zeiss lens does a lot. Well with all this photography talk in the last weeks I decided to purchase an SLR, Yup a professional style camera. I bought a CANON (which came highly recommended by Rebecca Peters , a great photographer) The actual model was an affordable one called the REBEL XT , I guess $800 is affordable for a professional ( a bit hefty on my wallet considering I also want to buy a few lens ) ...hint hint (perhaps the family will see this blog and get me a len for xmas ) I decided to create my own logo as well for the pics i decide to post here on this blog , my first pic i guess will have to be my cousin livia. I took this pic yesterday at a family bday ..please feel free to comment ...I am open to suggestions. This is just another of my passions ......coming to life!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

wow ...more pics

Like I stated the other day I participated in this amazing modeling experience ...and here are the new pics

These below are works of millie

As the photographers add more pics to their blogs I will update mine as well.... I cant wait to see the rest of them !

Sunday, November 05, 2006

This Week's Fun Adventure

Wow did I have a blast this week. I did something I had always wanted to try out ...modeling. It was a blast !!!! I laughed and had a great time ...something I havent had in a long time . I decided to volunteer as a model for Xtreme Photography seminar here in NYC. Wow! These photographers are amazing ! I modeled both Monday and Tuesday which was Halloween ( I decided to dress up as a geisha). They took me around manhattan , and did a complete photo shoot which I am dying to see. I only have a few pics that I was able to steal from some of the photographers' blogs ... I should be recieving in the next couple of weeks the cds with all the photos ... As I get more I will add them here. I will also post the photographers links ...if you are ever looking for a great wedding photographer I can make a few suggestions!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Beginning

Hello ... and welcome to my blog . I am Wendy and you are??? I wonder who you are ? Where are you from and what brought you to by blog .... Regardless .... I Welcome you !!!

I am 28 and living here on Long Island, NY. I am from an Italian background ..both of my parent s were born there and then moved here to the USA. I grew up with a big extended family ,... I believe we are 13 first cousins ..I started losing count (haha) . I have one younger brother , who studied and works in the aerospace engineering field. I on the other hand went the medical way.... I finished medical school last year and am working on getting back on track to start residency for next year' 07. I will be pursuing pediatrics . Its the lesser evil of the fields in medicine.
Lets see ...what else can I say about myself ??? hmmm.... Its kinda of strange to start this blog since I have never done anything like this . I feel it would be a good way for me to open up and share my stories and perhaps even relieve some stress.....ahhhh
I had a crazy year last year and I have soo much accumulated stress that its lasted me a whole year and then some. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. ( if you dont know what this is ...its a cancer that affects lymph nodes , you know the stuff you feel in your throat that gets swollen when you have a bad sore throat) I guess that is my best lay way of describing it. Any how ...I was diagnosed Dec 04 and was told I would have to do 6 mos of Chemotherapy. You have probably seen those images where people lose their hair , eyelashes , eyebrows . That was me ! I went through hell and back and hell and back ! I cant even begin to explain the ordeal , the pain, the suffering , the trauma, the shock , the agony one goes through with such a disease. Cancer! Cancer such a scary word never spoken in my family thank god until my diagnosis. The good thing is there is light at the end of the tunnel. My cancer is what some physicians call curable (in that once it goes into remission you rarely see it reappear) ** My fingers are staying crossed* . They say if you had to pick one cancer to get this is the best one . ! I dont know how one can say such a statement but oh well. The cancer has been in remission now for 1 year . I finished my chemo in 05 and have been doing well since ...considering everything. My life had to be placed on a hold a bit but I guess thats ok since i am still alive. I wasnt able to start residency with all my fellow classmates , and I had to postpone my wedding til 2008 but other than that I am ok.
I guess I just wanted my career to start ... I was in a rush to start working and all but while writing this blog I realize even more how great it has been to take a break from everything ...and just enjoy life. Life is not a race . Its made to enjoy , savour moments, be happy and not always think about the future. Sometimes life has little adventures in store for us that we dont plan and we need to just stop for a second and enjoy what we have around us.