Monday, November 13, 2006

Another Adventure ....

So lets see ...i left off last time talking about my modeling experience ...well guess what I have something new that really peaked my interest . Photography!!! I cant get over the fun I had with all these pics I have been finding of me on various photography blogs. I always loveddddddddddddd taking pictures , you can ask any of my family members. They always saw me with my SONY DSC v1 camera at every family function. I took pictures of everything from the food, to the family. I come from an italian family and food is important! (haha ) ...well a few months back I had purchased the SONY DSC v3 thinking it was an upgrade but i was dissappointed. My v1 is MUCH BETTER!!! I have amazing , I mean fantastic pics with the old cam! COLORS are sooo bright , sharp ! I guess that Zeiss lens does a lot. Well with all this photography talk in the last weeks I decided to purchase an SLR, Yup a professional style camera. I bought a CANON (which came highly recommended by Rebecca Peters , a great photographer) The actual model was an affordable one called the REBEL XT , I guess $800 is affordable for a professional ( a bit hefty on my wallet considering I also want to buy a few lens ) ...hint hint (perhaps the family will see this blog and get me a len for xmas ) I decided to create my own logo as well for the pics i decide to post here on this blog , my first pic i guess will have to be my cousin livia. I took this pic yesterday at a family bday ..please feel free to comment ...I am open to suggestions. This is just another of my passions ......coming to life!

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