Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Frappr map !

Washington Gold Dollar !

Well well well ...I finally got my hands on the new Washington Dollar Coins ! I went searching the local banks and was lucky to find that my Bank of America had them...and yes I got the last $150 dollars worth of coins. In the recent years my passion for coin collecting has peaked. I really got into it with the collection of the state quarters and now this .... the dollar collection. So I looked through my rolls hoping to find some special mint error that be worth an extra $$ buck of two... i searched and searched not really sure what i was looking for and I came upon this. A BENT DOLLAR COIN ???? Is it worth anything extra?? Is it something special ??? Like I said I only started seriously collecting a few years now so I am no expert. I will definitely do some research or perhaps someone can contact me with their expertise. Here are the pics for my treasure hunting !

Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Brothers Wedding

Well well well .... if it isnt my little brother Mark to be the first of 14 cousins to get married . I am sooo happy for him because he really found himself a sweet girl Giovanna. She is a real Italian girl from a small town in Benevento . THe same town where my mother is from. They have been together for over 7 years . wow ! considering my brother is 26 now. So they have decided to get married in the small town of Pontelandolfo <> at the church where my parents got married. Now that is one full circle ... its going to be soo emotional. The other day we flipped through my parents wedding album and ...looked at all the details of this really beautiful old church. Its going to be amazing.
They are having the reception in a ctiy nearby at this beautiful restuarant VILLA ROSA. By the looks of the catalogue it looks really nice , its all yellow decor just like Giovanna's roses she is using in her bouquet. I think its important to coordinate the place with your wedding colors. I sometimes see these reception halls where the colors are way too strong. I think they should have soft colors that easily match with any events colors. (my opinion! ) So June 7th , 2007 is the date!! Everything is pretty much picked out ...and i try to give a hand here and there ... We had a great bridal shower for Giovanna last month. I will post the pics next time. I cant wait to go to ITALY!!!!! ....