Sunday, November 05, 2006

This Week's Fun Adventure

Wow did I have a blast this week. I did something I had always wanted to try out ...modeling. It was a blast !!!! I laughed and had a great time ...something I havent had in a long time . I decided to volunteer as a model for Xtreme Photography seminar here in NYC. Wow! These photographers are amazing ! I modeled both Monday and Tuesday which was Halloween ( I decided to dress up as a geisha). They took me around manhattan , and did a complete photo shoot which I am dying to see. I only have a few pics that I was able to steal from some of the photographers' blogs ... I should be recieving in the next couple of weeks the cds with all the photos ... As I get more I will add them here. I will also post the photographers links ...if you are ever looking for a great wedding photographer I can make a few suggestions!

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