Friday, February 26, 2010

another snow storm in NY

another snow storm in NY
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Houdini said...

All your shots are good, most are great. Photgraphy keeps you very busy, it seems, taking the number of excellent shots that you upload. Thanks,. Auguri della Svizzera, ciao. Eric

Houdini said...

With the frequency of photo uploads I was referring to your flickr account, not your blog, sorry.

alx650 said...

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Alessandro from Italy

Cristiaan said...

Among the vast imposition of the frozen white life, there reposes a majestic creature, fully in terms with its surroundings. It sits gracefully amongst the trees giving example to the endless patience that is the natural world. Patient and yet relentless in its pursuit for perfection, control and most of all, the absolute beauty that is the truth.